Blessed butterfly visit

My butterfly garden is full of these sweet visitors. I love how patient they are with me. Such sweetness to my soul!

Butterfly friends stopping by

27 thoughts on “Blessed butterfly visit

      1. Yes, plant bushes and trees they like. I got mine at a home and garden show. I have 2 friends that are master gardeners. Butterflies seem to like purple flowers. Also milkweed is where they lay their eggs. Farmers plant it along fence lines to keep the population going. Incn look the names up for you of the plants.

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    1. Hi friend and thank you. I really have been flooded with butterflies. The Monarchs are migrating south but also these lovely blue and orange ones are tagging along.
      I’m so happy when I see them. My mom says I have a butterfly paradise in my yard! LOL You have a wonderfully blessed week!

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