I’m just a simple man


      • I’m just a simple man

nothing much matters to me

except for this corner chest

inside a silver dollar from my dad

and this here leather chair

where I sit

      • I’m just a simple man

as long as I have food

and a roof over my head

life is good

today my breakfast tasted different

somedays it tastes great but not today

      • I’m just a simple man

he said not much matters

but the things that matter

today the simple man was sad

a foreboding sadness that dogs him

chases him down and sets upon him

      • I see the simple man

in his simplicity, in his sadness

I didn’t know it was that simple

Didn’t realize he was simple

Nothing is ever simple to me

except the simple man

17 thoughts on “I’m just a simple man

    1. Oh boy you got that part right. I find it interesting when they say this then the list of things that they see are wrong and you know they aren’t simple. But they think they are. I agree with you. Happy weekend to you too. ❤️

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    1. It’s true Tim. It’s never simple, except when it is and then you realize maybe your female mind thought everything meant something that is doesn’t. I think seeing the simplicity stops me from my rambling thoughts. It is what it is. 🙂

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