Sunny Sunflower Love

Time and the sun stood still the day I realize I am enough, I am more than enough. I’m so happy you know this too. 💛 Michelle Marie
Happiness is fleeting but true contentment in all situations causes peace and calmness to reign. I am content in all things. Michelle Marie 💛
When I look at both sides of life I notice the light shining through and I’m reminded of God’s love for us all. It’s feels warm like sunshine ☀️ Michelle Marie
I love a nature lens flare. 💛 I can’t atop looking at these flowers such a healing calm feeling. Michelle Marie

Happy Sunny ☀️ Weekend to you! 🌻

13 thoughts on “Sunny Sunflower Love

  1. Wow this is amazing MichelleMarie!
    If you don’t mind a little light reading, check out my fragrance blog at
    My most recent post is a review of Pacifica’s vegan and cruelty-free body mist. Let me know what you think!
    Again, those sunflowers look stunning!

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    1. Get this Alex’s boy friend Blake got them for her. But you know I always enjoy the flowers to the fullest. They have been alive all week, I thought they needed some real sun today. I would love to be able to grown these. I can’t seem to get anything but roses to grow in this ground. Plants have to be hearty to live on my land lol 😂

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