And so we grow

And so we grow, seeking the light…resting in the shade…<3

Sunny Sunflower Love

Happy Sunny ☀️ Weekend to you! 🌻

These crazy BEEs

I went outside to water, and literally over 100 bumble bees came flying out of my bushes and tree. I’m allergic to them… why I want to tempt fate, I have no idea!  So, I grabbed my camera because that’s what every one does, right?

Grace growing and flowing

Grace comes to you when you are ready Everything in  perfect timing Stop and see, let it fill up Your eyes, Your heart, Your mind

Flower pot flowers

I love when flower pot friends show up & surprise me. 🧡 Happy Wednesday 🧡

Lovely surprise in my garden today

I pruned my rose bushes heavily this year so I was so surprised and happy to see this today.

They’re back…my wildflowers and climatis

I love these Indian paintbrush Oklahoma wildflowers. ღ So happy to see them. ღ

Happy 6 years blogging

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I first posted here at WP. I remember my first followers and friends and have continued to have many laughs and so much fun sharing with you. Thank you for your visits and friendship 💜🦋

Quiet weekend

Just finished cooking Angel and I a late lunch. We’ve been hanging outside watching the butterflies and moths visiting my flowers. So far 2 Monarchs and one yellow butterfly 🦋 Check out these leaves We have a mole. Angel keeps pointing it out. Meanwhile, my clematis keep coming back. I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere. 🙏🏼💕💜 Happy Sunday to you.