Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

Quiet weekend

Just finished cooking Angel and I a late lunch. We’ve been hanging outside watching the butterflies and moths visiting my flowers. So far 2 Monarchs and one yellow butterfly ūü¶č Check out these leaves We have a mole…. Read More

Can you feel me?

Can you feel me? Can you see me still Grown up after pruning Down to nothing I came back to Show you that You can too. Can you feel me? Yes I can…thank you MichelleMarie I just saw… Read More

she had Daisy fever

she had Daisy fever it was clear to see there was no cure You think she’d be scared…but she wasn’t she said what a way to go she picked daisies and danced with fireflies I think sometimes I… Read More

Golden hour

Golden Hour transformations


I appreciate you…thank you for showing up here.

Something sweet

My knock out roses are going crazy this year. What I find so amazing is how my wildflowers showed up. Thanks to my sweet little bird friends! I love the little spider webs on the Queen Annes Lace… Read More

Good morning lovely’s

Look what was waiting for me to say good morning. ‚ėÄÔłŹ my lilies are smiling at me today. I thought I would share it. ūü§©

Happy Friday 

Flowers always make me smile ūüėä

Butterflies welcome

Butterflies welcome in my world. I planted 3 butterfly bushes and this year finally butterflies are showing up. Usually I get gigantic bees and hummingbirds. I think that’s okay too! I really enjoy watching the butterflies enjoy the… Read More

Flower pot garden

I love to garden in flower pots~ŠÉ¶~

Knock out rose

I love my knock out roses. ~ŠÉ¶~

For the love of orange

I ♥ Orange