I find beauty where it is~that’s beautiful to me

I find beauty where it is plain and simple In the sunset In the sunrise In the clouds In flowers In the softness of a smile In the quietness of togetherness In the holding of hands I find beauty where it is plain and simple

I find beauty where it is~In the storm

You and Me Against The World

You and Me against the world Baby Girl. It’s always been just you and me fighting together. I love that you tried to do this by yourself to be strong and fight but sometimes we have to give in and let people take care of us. I’m sorry that all you’ve ever known is hospitals and doctors. I’m sorry that you didn’t live a normal life and childhood. I sit here going through all my phone photos, many through the years of you right here at this very hospital. Isn’t it odd that our memories are like this?… Read More

Before the dawn

Before the dawn Before there is light~I wait for you There is peace~There is quiet There is faith~In my soul That’s a good thing MichelleMarie

Let me pour you a glass of me

This year is fine vintage she’s been steeped in prayer covered with hope washed in the blood and knowing she’s whole with or without you make sure you savor the flavor wait till next year Let me pour you a glass of me

I’ve been on fire before

I’ve been on fire before fire so hot it burned the fake right out of me

Let me get back to you

Show me the way to your mercy Help me speak without choking For my desire is your desire and somehow I have fallen away Let me get back to you so I can wash in cool waters and drink of your grace my heart forever singing of your wonderful loving embrace Let me get back to you I see you in the distance waiting for me there A friend in your forever beside my empty chair Let me get back to you I say my words a whisper Child I have been… Read More

In Awe of You

Last night it was all I could do to walk my dog. Mentally I am so tired and I usually pray and walk. I looked up to see this. I stood in Awe! I rested my tired eyes on this beauty and marveled that even when I don’t think I can’t take another step, I see something like this and my faith is strengthened. I looked around to see if anyone else was outside witnessing this, but it was just me standing there IN AWE! I love moments like this!