Maybe we’ll swing & watch the moon

More thinkingpinkx2 ❤


Maybe we’ll swing &
watch the moon…like this
Dear friend it’s not about
another it’s about you
and this dance called life
Swinging under the moonlight
With You…Realizing you are complete
Lacking nothing…just You!

P.S. and maybe we have friends that come alone and push us so we can go higher! I think it’s just like that. 

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About~thinkingpinkX2 and Pink Therapy

via About~thinkingpinkX2 and Pink Therapy

I wanted to share why Jeanne Marie wanted to start a Thinking Pink blog and what it means. The link above is our about page. It’s not all about the color pink but a mindset of living in the light and always searching for the light inside our hearts. ♡



Never listen to those who tell you there’s been no growth at all!

Never listen to those who tell you there’s been no growth at all! I was thinking today that even though it doesn’t look like I’ve made progress to some inside I’m growing and getting stronger and I see this in others. I love that JM is pinking too. We pink each other up ❤


Never listen to those who tell you there’s been no growth at all!

 ♡ They don’t see you like WE see You ♡

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Meet Us Under The Pink Trees

Today I learned how to make Pink Trees so I did and shared them over @ thinkingpinkx2. I forgot how fun it is when I Think Pink! ❤


I made these trees for You so You could meet Us here Under the Pink Trees!
Jeanne Marie & MichelleMarie

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Still Small Voice — Off Center & Not Even

Today’s video is orignal music I wrote using a prayer by fellow blogger Michelle Marie for the lyrics. On December 7, 2018, Michelle Marie posted Still… Small… Voice on Tell Me About It at, and I had a feeling there was an issue with her daughter, Alex, who has serious health problems. I commented that her […]

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Such an honor from my friend Tim over at Off Center & Not Even. Please visit his blog.

I Want To Be A Cloud

Me too I want to be a cloud JM. ❤

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Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

Above the clouds
the sun is
creating paintings
with yellow streaks
and puffy pink wisps.
Moving, reshaping, shifting
blending to form images
never stagnant
never the same.
I want to be a cloud.

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