Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes
I watch her clatter around
In the castle with round walls
She makes not a sound
How I wish, oh I wish
For a little magic somewhere
Then flown through her window
A Midnight Butterfly 
so rare
The moon it was blue
It glistened the sky
Midnight Butterfly kissed her
Right on the eye
From that day on she saw
Nothing but gladness
Rainbows and sunshine
Midnight Butterflies 
are magical that way

Oh how I wish…I miss her sometimes, no…Always 🦋

On Being a Friend

❤ Love this from Pat's blog

Source of Inspiration

Can we be a friend
who listens without judgement,
offers understanding when we
do not understand ourselves, a
friend who does not try to solve
the problem, but rather allows
the other to grow through their experience?

Can we be a friend to one who
is being unlovable at the
moment? Can we sit quietly
with another in an hour of grief?
Can we love enough to just
allow whatever is unfolding
to manifest as it is intended?

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The mountains are calling

Maybe the gypsy soul
the country road
I’ll never know
what took you away
but you went

Maybe the mountains
that burned your soul
till you sat atop
I’ll never know but
whispers in the wind

Maybe the broken heart
the sorrow and regret
You fled away
with your tomorrows
I’m left wondering

Maybe I’ll never know
I won’t let go
I’m going to
hold you in my heart
till I see you again

Sweet You

Sweet You
Flitting and fluttering
Visiting Each Flower
in my yard
Taking what you want
Not wanting to stay
Hopping from little flowers
To big ones…I watched Sweet You
You seem a little unstable
In your fluttering
There you go over the fence
Just like Sweet You
Always looking in the other yard
My heart hops with you every time
Except this one I’m
Waiting to see if you get it
There’s no magic in that yard
It’s inside Sweet You

Funny Angel

We fenced in my gigantic yard so Angel could wander and not get lost so today I wanted to take her for a walk and she went inside the fence. 😂

She found the gate and was tired after that.

So we ended up on the front porch listening to birds and watching people walk their dogs. I don’t think she misses our long walks just as long as we walk somewhere. So we do. 😊 Yesterday I was so worried about her, so she slept and rallied for another day. I wouldn’t have missed loving her for nothing. She makes me so happy and laugh. ☺️ I wish other parts of my life did the same…sigh ***

Tiniest bouquet

The tiniest little wildflower is important in every single way some never give them another thought-Michelle