My Pa (Dan)

I would like to share my dad’s writings &  some photos. He left them with me and there are days when I open his brief case and breath in his smell. It still smells like him and I needed to read this tonight.

He wrote the poem at the bottom, my first day of school in Fort Smith Arkansas. It was 1970. I was an August baby so I was the youngest in class. I remember being behind and afraid that they would forget to pick me up from school. He never did.


Pa      Pa

This was taken two weeks before he passed. I wish I had known then it would be the last photo I took of him. I would have taken more.
This was taken two weeks before he passed. I wish I had known then it would be the last photo I took of him. I would have taken more.



By Dan Antell

Today I present to the world my daughter
She has eyes of blue and white golden hair
She’s ready in her little starched dress to
begin her first day of school.
And I ask you world be hind to her and treat her with care
For she’s my daughter and has always
been protect by me. It’s sad to think She
will find other heroes in the world besides me.

She has eyes of blue and golden hair
And because she’s my daughter, none so fair
A will-of-the-wisp is my little girl
She’s not a gem, she’s more like a pearl
That is so rare that I can see
A man would keep her indefinitely.
When so little she cuddled close to me
But now she’s growing and I can see
A day when she will go on her way
But thoughts of her will always stay
as a pleasant memory when I get old
for I’ll still remember her eyes of blue
and hair of gold!



41 thoughts on “My Pa (Dan)

  1. When I read the things that you wrote about your Pa, tears began to flow; for you, and for me. It was in 1977 that my oldest daughter started school in Arnold, Mo, which is a town that touches the south border of St. Louis. Whenever I play, “Butterfly Kisses,” I really “lose it!” I could write more; and, I may later, when I get myself together. Please know how special you are.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are a great blessing for those of us who have had losses that have been similar to the one that you described. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.


  2. What a priceless and cherished gift and an honor to have this beautiful glimpse into the world of your Pa. Truly you are blessed. With love and gratitude. ~Matthew


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