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Baby girl & Her Diva Zebra Tree

My Alexnaderia loves Zebra print, hot pink, lime green and all things Diva. Of course every girl needs a Diva Christmas Tree.

Baby girl's Diva Tree
Baby girl's Diva Tree
These were hand picked! She loves her bling and her Zebra!
Baby girl's Diva Tree4 (1 of 1)
Baby girl's Diva Tree3 (1 of 1)

This from my sweet Uncle Gunn

I share a closeness with my day’s youngest brother my Uncle Gunnard. He has overcome much as we all have in this journey we call life. He encouraged me 2 years ago to find out who “Micki” is because I have lived in the shadows of Alex’s illness and lived vicariously through her. I love my Uncle for many reasons but his kind and gentle spirit move me always to love me more! He sent me this photo from the tulip festival in Wisconsin. So lovely!


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