Porch sitting

I could be anywhere as long as I’m with you. Angel wanted to sit on the bench with me. I love this dog. She’s 14 and slowing down, I’m honoring this time in her life. We are stopped and smelling everything 😂


Wildflowers are serious…but the bunnies

Wildflowers are serious…I see bunnies…I just do…It’s all about the bunnies for Angel.

Not much but this to share…my Angel


I don’t have much to share these days. I’ve lost my desire to take photos because I cannot bend to get down to where I need to get to do anything justice. This is one of my favorite thing to do. Sit on my back porch with my dog Angel and watch the sun rise. This morning I watched her. She’s gotten so old that she doesn’t venture from the porch much and I like that she lays beside me waiting for bunnies. None showed up today again and that’s okay. I really enjoy watching her enjoy this view. 🙂 She makes me smile!

Oklahoma skies, wildflower and bunnies

I woke up late for work today. Got my coffee and started to take my meds and realized it was Saturday so I went outside to watch the sun rise with Angel and watch my wildflowers glisten in the morning dew. 

We saw the little bunny that lives in the field. Angel is so old now she doesn’t even get up to chase them. We enjoy our Oklahoma sky and are thankful for wildflowers and bunnies that visit.