Front Porch Sitting

Oklahoma skies, Front Porch sitting

Porch Sitting – that’s what I do
Friday, I Porch Sit
Send prayers up to God
I’m thankful for my AWESOME WEEK!
I was Porch sitting on the back porch
Till the reflection on the clouds told me
I needed to be Front Porch Sitting
Wow, I think I should have started
Porch Sitting here tonight

Angel, my sweet dog, is sick 15+
She’s usually excited when I get out the BIG CAMERA
Except for tonight look
Angel is standing in the middle of my Prayer Garden on the Front Porch
Come on back to the Front Porch
Put your camera down friend; this sunset will set regardless whether you capture it or not.
I love how our Best Friends Center Us~ღ

I always take the long way looking for a short cut- only to find out that this place is the best stuff,
Front Porch Sitting with MichelleMarie~ღ~

40 thoughts on “Front Porch Sitting

      1. I hear you! I didn’t even need to turn on my fan earlier on my back porch. There was a pleasant breeze all day and evening. I went in after it got dark. I didn’t check to see what the temp was earlier, but it did get cooler. It’s 69, as of now.

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  1. I’m totally feeling it, I love porch sitting and I often wished our houses here would be built like yours to be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, I gotta save that in my memory until I’m returning to the US, so thanks so much for sharing, Michelle. I love it!

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  2. Oh how can life always be so beautiful for you Michelle? Hope Angel is better. I don’t know her, but I”m sure I can imagine her as a cute white dog, somewhat small, and always very cheerful.
    Though did this have a dark part to it?

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    1. I think my life is beautiful because I create an enviroment around me that is inspiring. From the trees and plants I plant. I purposely purchased my home because of the sunrise views. My house faces west and my backyard is east so I see so many wonderful views.
      You are right I was thinking about animals and how short their lives are compared to ours. I know it’s part of life we face when we have them! 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend Scott.


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