Simply. . . friends

Thank you for my friends that encourage me to keep going! ❤

If I could paint heaven for you it would look like this

If I could paint heaven for you it would look like this

I know why she weeps by the willows

Art by MichelleMarie I saw her by the willow weeping there each day I wanted to somehow help her I prayed to find a way One day she stopped She turned my way around From her brown eyes tears were pouring I thought we might would drown Tell me child why you are weeping so Please won’t you tell me I need just to know Each day I come here I see you weeping this way Please tell me can I help you I know nothing to say She said You just did

Dearest One,…

Dearest One, To the one I waited for, I thank you for finding me, & for loving me. I hold your words inside my heart till I can see you again and we shall dance and be lost in love’s bliss. Till then my love be thine. All my Love, M P. S. Disclaimer this is merely art. I like to create while I’m working it keeps me in that creative zone. Just sharing!

Simply Sadie

  Simply Sadie

Hope deferred makes the heart sick

Hope deferred makes the heart sick–let’s give up on the hopeless hope and offer a prayer instead. 🙂 


Hope always