Good Morning Beautiful

Good Morning Beautiful… Good Morning Mommy  I sure love the sweetness of your heart ~ღ      

Born this night in June

Born this night in June Wasn’t April, nor Harvest Moon That caused me to swoon When I saw your smile And sweet sweet face I knew at that moment I had nothing to give you But all my heart I could count On one hand those I’d given complete Endless access to my heart I gave it gladly It was all I had to give Thank you for making me Your Momma sweet baby girl My Alexanderia, my heart Born this night in June Every year I tell my girl the story… Read More

Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes I watch her clatter around In the castle with round walls She makes not a sound How I wish, oh I wish For a little magic somewhere Then flown through her window A Midnight Butterfly  so rare The moon it was blue It glistened the sky Midnight Butterfly kissed her Right on the eye From that day on she saw Nothing but gladness Rainbows and sunshine Midnight Butterflies  are magical that way Oh how I wish…I miss her sometimes, no…Always 🦋

Yellow side of life

As you grow in the yellow SIDE of Life I brace myself for Destiny Yours and mine are intertwined Raising us to higher ground M  

After all…it is her life, her story

After all it is her life, her story.  I’ve been playing around with photos and filters and I realized something… It really is her life and her story. Always in the past, it was about our life and now I see this beautiful tapestry of love in this amazing woman. So beautiful when I stopped and looked at these images of Alexanderia. She’s amazing.

For you…ACIM

ACIM [A Course In Miracles] For you A💕 I’ve always noticed in the background of all the chaos of life, the silence of God sustains me. Calling me from my deepest heart…Where I know everything with be okay. I trust in Him! Amen 🙏🏼 love you M  

You live in your prison…with your butterfly soul

You live in your prison with your butterfly soul I pray for your rock-a-bye body that suffer so and your sweet sweet soul Maybe your will find your way I pray I never let go of your butterfly soul Find your way back to you

What does this…

And this Have in common? Hint…they both start with A. 😂 I have way too much time on my hands because I’m cooking and doing all these domestic things I never had time to do and I gotta say…this got me to laughing 😂 We are some high maintenance girls at this house. 💕😂

a❀l❀e❀x Freehand

All these colors remind me of my girl she loves them bright like me! ❀