Baby don’t you realize…

Baby don’t you realize I can change the color of the sky? I don’t even have to try… I don’t know why I’m just magic that way. MM

From my heart

Something from my heart I’m not certain why or what it is I just started playing I love layers and different textures. Maybe this is a note just for you I hope one day when I’m not where you can find me you might start searching for my words so I leave them for you to find. My hope is that they touch your heart and that you know how very much I believe in your higher self and ability to choose wisely. I love you more than You know…MM

Seems like to me…

Seem like to me… You might have lost your song Since you we went away… if you get silent I’m singing it that sweet sweet song that only your heart knows…m

Beautiful Sea of Blue

Beautiful Sea of Blue I cast my worries out to thee May we feel held as your waves Lull us in this cocoon of love That reminds us who we are Why we came here Why we stay Beautiful Sea of Blue

Hush your mind…come rest your head

Hush your mind…Come rest your head She tells herself another story Another tale that helps her make it through I’m tempted to say this isn’t so but… She must tell herself a fairytale to make it through Someone must listen…so I prepare my heart One more tale, one more lie, whispers to her soul I pray she can hear me over the sound of the melody Hush your mind…Come rest your head

When she sleeps. . .

When she sleeps. . . I pray for sweetness to surround her like waves~rainbows~butterflies~angels~flowers all things good all things kind

ADVENTURE I remember this

ADVENTURE I remember this… do you? 

Dreamcatchers dreams

Dreamcatchers dreams Sea-foam green… Oceans of blue Your windows never hide what’s hidden in your soul I do it all for free Butterflies kiss your soul Dreamcatchers dreams Catch your soul Hold us close… Hold us close

Make Mistakes

Make Mistakes You know you will So come on sweet one This is not the end Just a messy start On an awesome journey With You