When she sleeps. . .

When she sleeps. . .
I pray for sweetness to surround her like
all things good
all things kind

Dreamcatchers dreams

Dreamcatchers dreams
Sea-foam green… Oceans of blue
Your windows never hide
what’s hidden in your soul
I do it all for free
Butterflies kiss your soul
Dreamcatchers dreams
Catch your soul
Hold us close… Hold us close

Make Mistakes

Make Mistakes
You know you will
So come on sweet one
This is not the end
Just a messy start
On an awesome journey
With You

Baby ballerina is hiding somewhere…

Baby ballerina  is hiding somewhere in the corner
Where the shadows wrap around her and
our tortures cannot find her
She will stay there till the shadows become silent
I will try to reach to find her
But baby ballerina is making sense
Of this crazy world, sometimes careless, sometimes cruel
Of the happenstance, all these crazy, silly rules
I am right here waiting patiently, behind you
Should you turn, you will find me
Grow tall, grow strong~baby ballerina

Orange is her favorite color

The first time I laid eyes on her, my Alexanderia, I was taken by the orange tint of her hair. It wasn’t blonde though some said it was strawberry, to me it looked like a copper halo. I’m almost certain it was. When she started talking her first word was “mall” her second was “oranch.” That’s the way she said it. As she got older, she always picked things that were orange…so now you know why my favorite color is orange too. There is happiness in the color orange and a rich deep love that overflows. ♥️

P.S. This is one of the flowers she got me for Mother’s Day I keep taking photos of them. I love them so much ♥️