Have you ever felt like you have been pruned by The Master Gardener? All the dead stuff cut away, or perhaps the not so fruity parts of your life pruned and cut away so they can bare more fruit ? Well I have and so has my garden! I was thinking today how sometimes we have to cut away what seems to the eye a good product but pruning allows for newness to grow and everything looks different and feels different because it is. My butterfly bushes are going crazy this year…. Read More

Yesterday when I was young…Patricia Kaas

  This is one of my Pa’s favorite songs originally sung by Roy Clark, new rendition by Patricia Kaas. I remember as a young girl watching my Pa listen to this song sitting on the back porch, he with sunglasses on. My Pa knew somehow I would feel like he felt like I feel today I remember chasing his words to find some semblance of him. I don’t feel like time and youth had run out but I feel wisdom of age has taught me to not be stupid and even if… Read More


I like it when you SMILE~smile with Me When you LAUGH~laugh with Me Really there’s nothing else I’d rather do then SMILE~HAPPY DAY~Smile~with You

Something for You

I don’t mean beautiful in looks but beautiful inside your heart & soul. I heard you loud and clear and realized there wasn’t anything I could do to help you but to send these quotes I made back in 2013. Feelings are fickle and sometimes we need to sleep and wake up renewed and refreshed. Be proud of yourself and thank your body for getting you this far in the journey. Today was just a day, nothing more nothing less. Just a day. Tomorrow is another day and things always look different… Read More

Color of the sky

People talk about it baby The colors of the sky Are in your eyes I don’t even have to try I tell you… Sometimes stormy Sometimes blue Sometimes green Golden in sadness Holding your dreams All the colors I see Remind me of you Today I see orange Your favorite color I smile

There, inside the dawn

There, inside the dawn She had all the answers If only she could hold them Wildflowers Sunrise Fog Bliss There, inside the dawn

Good Morning Sleepyhead

Good morning sleepyhead I heard you wrestling in your bed I wondered did you even sleep a wink I whispered you our good night song I thought you even sang along But I’ve noticed you seem to have lost your tune So I wondered out on starry night Sent you kisses oh so bright Hoping they would grace your weary eyes Very much to my surprise The sun did crest with such delight Good night my sweet love~good night


I dwell in the splendor of this knowing This is my life…the life I know Sometimes it’s hard to speak It’s so beautiful and sometimes painful Nevertheless in the surrender It becomes a light to guide me

Grace growing and flowing

Grace comes to you when you are ready Everything in  perfect timing Stop and see, let it fill up Your eyes, Your heart, Your mind