Thankful my heart is full of thankfulness! 

This could be the dawn of something wonderful

This could be the dawn of something wonderful Happy Day to you

Clouds Clouds Clouds

   Clouds were the most amazing blueish, purplish, pink 💜💗

Free sky show

   So happy I decided to head home I would have missed this. Angel and I watched until it was gone! Perfect way to end the day! 

Crazy cool Oklahoma clouds


But for the grace of God

But for the grace of God…go I!

Twinkles @ sunrise Happy Friday

   I’m not sure if you can see the twinkles in the grass!!! I could not stop looking at them. Following that thought brings a smile!  😄 Happy Friday! 

Sometimes…all I have to do 

Sometimes All I have to do is change my focus on the good things, the lovely things–I count my many blessings sometimes there’s so many it’s fills my entire day with sunshine!

Blame it on the rain

Blame it on the rain~Whatever it was it was dreamy