You are my Sunshine

You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray! 💜💜💜

Sun Reflections

Sun Reflections I love them! ❤️


Waiting is not always waiting when you feel like 26 years is enough waiting! I realize the sun scomes up the next day after it set on my dreams. Doesn’t mean the dream won’t come true it means to me…. More waiting is needed. Life for me is a series of sunrises and sunsets…. Waiting! I’ve waited so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it was I’ve been waiting for. Oh yes I remember now! I’m smiling anticipating its arrival! Soon? Maybe sooner! Maybe today. Waiting has become my friend.

My Oklahoma sunrise

My Oklahoma Sunrise

Underneath this Oklahoma Sky


Wake Up & Be Awesome

Wake up & Be Awesome funny how that seemed like how I felt today. Just happy to not be in pain and also to see the sunrise again! I love a beautiful sunrise!

Red Dawn

This is what I saw this morning when I let Angel out. I think the Dawn was calling my name. So I answered. I’m glad I did.


Dawning on the darkness in my life I see through the eyes of grace The darkness there yet it didn’t feel dark Till the light showed up and my heart sighed…thank God you are here.

Twinkles @ sunrise Happy Friday

   I’m not sure if you can see the twinkles in the grass!!! I could not stop looking at them. Following that thought brings a smile!  😄 Happy Friday!