8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday sunrise

  1. 🐞 Dünya kadınlar gününüz kutlu olsun.🐞

    🐞 World women are happy for your day.🐞

    🐞 Happy day Welt Frauen.🐞

    🐞 Happy femmes du monde de la journée.🐞

    🐞 Donne del mondo giorno felice.🐞❤

    ❤🐞 Día feliz de las mujeres del mundo.🐞❤


    1. AWE thank you sweet Bacon friend! You always make me smile! Hugs [Hog] kisses to you! XOXO and a hearty snort! Oink.
      Oh something interesting…I was at the vet and this sweet girl brought in her little piggy for shots. They had to cover the piggy’s eyes because when she uncovered them the piggy squealed. It was the sweetest little thing. Made me laugh. The mom said you should hear her at night if she gets uncovered and can’t find her mom. LOL xoxo sweet piggy thoughts to you!

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      1. aaww well you know it’s hard for us piggies to see. Our eyes are kind of positioned on the side so when people come at us frontwards, it scares the bejesus out of us. You should hear me sometimes – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


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