Before this day dawned

~ღ~ Before this day dawned, I sent out a prayer for you ~ღ~

Flower pot flowers

I love when flower pot friends show up & surprise me. 🧡 Happy Wednesday 🧡

Only Love

You said it’s Only Love and I thought to myself… Ya and to me that’s a big deal. Have you ever wondered if someone loved you after they left? Have you ever thought about someone and loved them from afar? Don’t you want to look into someone’s eyes after the years of loving have tried love and found it present and true? I do! I think sometimes it takes time to know and then maybe later When we are old, we’ll sit on the porch and watch the sun set and say It really… Read More

She paints sunshine…

The sky was dark and gloomy Inside her heart~was sunshine~so She paints sunshine Everywhere she goes MichelleMarie

I wanted to remind you…

I wanted to remind you how much you love ORANGE It’s such a happy color

Guess what?

~🧡 My iPhone now has orange hearts 🧡 ~just yesterday I wished for them and this morning they are in my emojis. Yay my favorite color is 🧡~ I am a little excited to see them 🧡 Can you tell? 🧡

Tangerine Oklahoma sky

In between the storms the dawn breaks new with tangerine memories.

For the love of orange

I ♥ Orange