I’ve always been a friend of clouds

You know me, I’ve always been a friend of clouds
I like my lightning bright, and my thunder loud
Baby, it’s the craziest I’ve seen
Waiting on the sky, for shades of green
Blow me down, take me away
Maybe there will be a brighter day
But not today, I’ll be waiting here
Let it rain, let it pour, maybe quench my thirst once more
I’m holding out my tongue, I want to feel the rain
Washing over me, Let it rain, let it pour
You know me, I’ve always been a friend of clouds

Let the light shine in

Are you going to let the light shine in? I woke up thinking this today. I saw the orange tint the sun makes on my walls from inside my house and when I opened the door this is what I saw.

I started opening the windows and noticed how the room was lighting up.

Window by window shadows and light were cast on the walls inside the living room, which got me to thinking how our hearts can be like my house before the light is shined in.

I woke up feeling today that something good is going to happen and that is such a wonderful feeling. I wonder if I started everyday like this would I feel the same. One things for sure I’m loving the sun and my coffee this morning. Have a beautiful glorious Monday. ~ღ~