I wouldn’t change a thing

iwouldnotchangeathing copy


This photo has not been edited the only thing I did was add my 2 cents! I wouldn’t change a thing in that this is what I saw this morning. I never know what the photo is going to look like I spend most of the 30 minutes looking at the Wildflowers! Somedays it looks like this, full of clouds and then when the sun illuminates the clouds that’s when I get excited. This is my passion sunrises and sunsets. I told you my Pa taught me all about the sun, how to use it as a compass if you are lost, when to look for a red sky, all that kind of stuff. I have never shared this, when my Pa passed he left me a little money, so I bought a camera so I could capture those moments that take my breath away. You see to me it’s not about taking fabulous photos, or outdoing someone, or trying to impress you, to me it’s about doing the thing that makes my heart sign, this is it.

Can you hear my heart sing?

14 thoughts on “I wouldn’t change a thing

  1. I can hear your heart singing, Michelle. I love that you bought a camera with the money your Pa left you. Now it ties you two together, even though he is not here….you always have your skies


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