I love You~I also may be Smart Heart Smart Loving You

Art by MichelleMarie

I believe the hardest choice to make is how I respond to adversity. How do I respond to the unlovable?

Those in my life that don’t realize the affect they have on me. There are those that are selfish, mean spirited, rude, just down right unfriendly. Those that are beloved in my life, it’s hard to respond in love when they have hurt me. How do I love someone that continually crosses my boundaries, tests my faith, makes me wonder why I love them? I choose to respond with a Smart Heart, to Smart Love them.

We are never told to love blindly, we are told to love with patience, endurance, long suffering…but never blindly. Loving with a Smart Heart, Smart Love doesn’t push the person away but a Smart Heart, Smart Love knows when to reel it in and dial it down a few notches and be observant. Loved ones feel when you Smart Heart, Smart Love them. It is confusing to them because they realize they have hurt you deeply yet you have changed your responses and your intensity of love. Smart Heart, Smart Love knows how much to love, when to display love and when to not respond at all.

I have several continual offenders in my life. Ones that can bring me to tears because my heart is so invested. I had to learn how to Smart Heart, Smart Love them so that I could love them completely, yet not let them have complete control over me and my love for them.

Smart Heart, Smart Love, well I haven’t figured out all the answers but this I do know, I love that’s who I am, when I love you I never stop loving you. Love always wins, even if it doesn’t look like I have won that person over with love—I still win because love given unconditionally allows me to grow in love and take risks that most people think I am nuts for taking. I know this about everyone of us. All of us are alone at some point in our lives, and have to face our choices. I know one day it all pays off it’s just times like now when my love is tested and simply I to choose to Smart Heart, Smart Love you, no matter where you are I love you.

6 thoughts on “I love You~I also may be Smart Heart Smart Loving You

  1. Reblogged this on Elaine's Random Thoughts and commented:
    I believe we all have those people in our lives who we love but who have hurt us, but regardless we still love them because God says we should love thy neighbor. I like these words from Michelle that we love smarter and wanted to share it with you all. Thanks for this post Michelle Marie!


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