The Things I didn’t do~by my Pa to my Mom


Circa 1962

I don’t want to be your savior
I’ve lived the life I knew
I can’t take back the pain
It’s been certain, not to you

I didn’t rape the wilderness
Or steal the air we breath
I didn’t take God at his word
and So to you I apologize for

The things I didn’t do
And that’s always on my heart
Our children will realize
That said, “I love you ever still.”

Before my Pa passed he told me that the only woman he ever loved was my mother. He left me all his writings, and yesterday I was reading through them and came across this. In his hand writing, stain and torn, so I added the parts that were missing, because I knew my Pa’s heart. He never gave this to my mom, I know it. He was not one to share the deeper things and I am so blessed that he left these pieces of his heart with me so I can share them and somehow know the man I barely knew, but I knew him more then most!

6 Comments on “The Things I didn’t do~by my Pa to my Mom

  1. I didn’t know him, but this honest confession makes him all the more beautiful. A gentle soul. There’s something about that second stanza.. ❤ God sure gifted him with poetry 🙂

    I love you. Hope you and Alex are doing all right ☺️

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