The WEE Friends are headed for Bling’s house



Today the WEE friends was so excited as they hopped into the box headed for Bling’s house. Color changing Duck was the first to jump in as she had been ready for today waiting by the box for Bling and BB! Pink PrincessDuck was the last to join as she wasn’t sure if she wanted to travel with Todd the Toad because he was green and kept licking her face saying there was a fly on her head but she knew better then that. Pink Princess Duck planned on kissing Todd the Toad when she got to Bling’s just to see if he turned into a prince but she’s not holding her breath. Spunky the Squirrel said he was so excited he felt like pulling out his whiskers, but instead was second to jump in. BB had to push Roy the Rooster in the box because he kept standing on the edge of the box crowing his fooled head off, ever since the time change he hasn’t been the same.

All the WEE friends are so happy to see Bling and can’t wait to surprise her with hugs and kisses and lots of happy smiles, cause that’s what WEE friends do!

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