42 thoughts on “I See Magic

      1. Good morning. I missed this yesterday. There is always the need to do a clean up. Times and procedures are rapidly going in a new direction. I might be a good idea to clean out the junk and start 2015 fresh! 🎆


      1. I don’t know how to act around family, either. We never were a close bunch. Now I have gotten in touch with my dad’s only brother! My wife and I are going to visit him in January. He just turned 80, and seems excited about seeing us. I have only met him once, maybe twice – the last time about 18 years ago. He has lots of old pictures and stories to share. I’m excited . . . and terrified!


      2. He is a very proper fellow – retired from being head of the Communications Department at a University. He was a professor there for many years.


      3. I think “Communications” included writing and media more than anything else. What’s scary is that I will probably see my dad in him right out of the gate – which has the potential to be very emotional!


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