1st day of vacation~BB had a wreck driving in alone

I rarely get to take vacation this is the first time I’ve had 11 days away from my job! I still got up to make sure BB got her lunch packed and got off ok! She drove Jerry the Jeep today because he’s big and tough!
An un-insuranced driver was speeding and BB slowed down because the roads were wet and the cars were stopping in front of her she said she heard breaks squealing so she turned Jerry into the ditch. The guy slammed into Jerry’s left rear quarter panel! His car was smashed like an accordion!
This happened right in front of a highway patrolman! He told me he jumped the curb to get to Alex because the guy skidded for 90ft before slammed into Jerry! He said thank God your daughter turned the Jeep into the ditch because he was going so fast she would have slammed into the car in front of her and there about 8 in front of that!
I’m waiting for X-rays and CT scan to make sure BB is ok!
I was thinking how sudden things can change in life!! One minute you’re drinking your favorite coffee and the next you are here!
I’m thankful I’m off work today!

26 thoughts on “1st day of vacation~BB had a wreck driving in alone

  1. Oh my!
    Glad that Alex went with her instincts with the Jeep
    And – glad that someone was there for her immediately..
    Hope that she will be ok soon.
    Please give her an air-hug from me – Don’t want to aggravate any aches or pains.


  2. So sorry. And so thankful she followed her instincts and didn’t just freeze up. I hope she is okay, but I can tell you from experience that injuries can take awhile to manifest themselves. I was rear-ended back in 2006. I thought I was okay, but a few weeks later I started getting pain in my left shoulder. The impact was so hard that it tore my bicep tendon our of place when I was caught by the seatbelt. I didn’t feel it until it started shredding from use. Almost $40K of treatment and surgery later it was all fixed.


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