Elizabeth’s Race

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Rivers Renewed

finish line

She was only 8 or 9 at the time,

at the park with some friends,

they wanted to have a race.

They’re off!

They sprinted down the track,

she was never a good runner,

one leg went off to the side, but she ran.

That day, no Olympic Champion tried harder,

she tried and tried,

but lagged behind,

half way around the track,

she was in last place.

Would the asthma get her?

Still trying with all her might,

then disaster struck –

she fell.

Down she went, flat out,

skinned up knee,

She’s hurt!

I wanted to go get her, but my wife held me back,

she said, “No, wait”.

She got back up – and ran the race –


I was so proud of the way she finished,

a champion in my eyes.

She still speaks to me, “Dad never give up,

no matter how injured you…

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