Gentle on my mind~Glen Campbell…The Band Perry

I have shared that my Pa had Alzheimer’s and the news of Glen Campbell really touched my heart because my Pa loved singing his songs so much! When I saw that The Band Perry re-mastered this song…it reminded me of what my Pa did…after his heart was broken he left in 1986 for the healing mountains of Colorado. He always said Micki you can take the man out of the mountain but you can never take the mountain out of the man.

In 2007 he called me, signs of Alzheimer’s were present already…he said, “Micki I need you to come get me I want to come home.” Something about knowing that I was home to my Pa….is so big to me. I’m not sad, truly I’m not…I would not wish what happened to him on anyone and I’m thankful he is free from his body fishing in heaven… thoughts of him are Gentle on my mind!

Below is Glen Campbell story…BB said Mom why can’t you let this go? Well I can but I have to share it because isn’t that how people live on after they are gone…in my memories?

Still Glen: Alzheimer’s-Stricken Best Song Nominee Provides Oscar’s Most Dramatic And Moving Story




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