BB asked, “Mom what are we LENTing?”


BB asked, “Mom what are we LENTing?”
As you may know Ash Wednesday was this week and BB said she felt left out because all the doctors and other nurses were LENTing and she wanted to LENT too! After I stopped laughing at her and explained it was not called LENTing she insisted that indeed it IS LENTing and she wanted to.

“I know,” she said….”I will LENT no more saying mean things.”  I told her I thought that was a great idea. It lasted 2 minutes till someone pulled out in front of us and BB said,  “BattleAx get the bleep off the road and learn how to drive!!!! She immediately decided this would be too hard for her given her issues with road rage. Next she decided bad words/cussing would be her LENTing fast for 40 days.
BB is more like my Pa and he never cared who was around when he blurted out his colorful thoughts!


Today is Friday so far BB has donated $20.00 to the bad word cup! Each bad word is .25₵!!!
Everyone loves LENTing with her and it’s never been so much fun to give up something for 40 days since BB sees everything in a different light! All the offerings are going to the missions fund.

Nobody makes me laugh like BB

16 thoughts on “BB asked, “Mom what are we LENTing?”

  1. This is funny. I had a co-worker that would curse a lot. We started a cuss cup, she had to put 25 cents in the cup per curse word. Many of us had pizza for a few months before she yelled… $%$@ it! I’m done! 🙂 She still uses bad language. I talk to her often.


      1. It was good. Ended up steaming shrimp and crab claws, broccoli, cauliflower, cranberries, yellow and orange carrots and broccoli for dinner. Yum! Love ya lady!


  2. I can’t imagine a bad word coming from such a pretty young woman! “Yeah! Right!” I’m sure you’re saying. That’s like the photos of my kitties looking so sweet and innocent, after they’ve been on a tear. I try to stay away from lint for lent!


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