Gentle on my mind


It was as if I had known you for a million years, my mind had already visited you in my dreams so many nights and yet tonight as I entered your room you were already fast asleep. I watched as the light danced across your chest and caressed your chin and I was taken by the sound of your steady breathing so I moved closer to watch you sleep.

Your face so peaceful, I studied as it told me a thousand stories. I wondered what made you choose to never smile. I hoped that you would one day reveal to me the secrets you keep hidden deep within.
It was hard to believe I was here with you and yet you were not aware of my presence. I wanted to shower you with kisses yet something about this side of you intrigued me so I leaned in to get a closer look. I watched as you breathed in deeply and part of you must have been aware of a presence because you stirred in your sleep and smiled, at least I thought it was a smile. I lifted the covers and slide quietly beside you and you stirred again so I held my breath till your breathing became steady again. I moved closer so I could feel your body against mine. My hands traced the lengths of your thighs and up to your chest and you drew in a deep breath and I could tell you were awake. Slowly I moved over you to hug you, I knew you were awake because you hugged me and smile I hadn’t realized but you were watching me and that made me smile and you said hi and pulled me close and kissed me and it was just like I had dreamed all those nights but this time it was real……

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