She’s a wildflower, wild & free

Shesawildflowerwildfree (1 of 1)

She’s a wildflower, wild & free
Blowing in the breeze
Tickling my knees…
Saying look at me 
I’m dancing for you
as only wildflowers can do!
She’s a wildflower, wild & free
Never tame, never the same
Oh god I hope not!
She’s a wildflower, wild & free
I love you my baby sis Nicole


She shared this photo with me yesterday and said Micki, “This was the day you grabbed me and hugged me tight and held my together and said you are going to make it!”

I didn’t know this! When I saw her falling apart and I hurried to catch the pieces.
She’s a piece of my heart, that’s what sisters do!


Nicole with the green eyes and me blue! Go figure!
This was the day we buried our Pa.

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