Idioms of Tranquility

I wish we were
Stirring upon the refuge
once was profound
Seeking a revolution
of inner selfness
Today as if any,
to breach the truth
Twisting the soul
of my tranquil life
Proves without a doubt
that a soul does abide
Within the reaches of my modern search
It has to exist,
for there is no other explanation

© Daniel Jon Antell, Jr. 
“Nature’s Echoes”
Published : Winter 2001
Library of Congress
ISBN:: 1-58235-564-9

This poem written by my brother in less than 10 minutes and entered into a poetry contest as a joke and not only won but is published in the Library of Congress, reference number above. He read this poem at a poetry reading and people argued over what he meant by these words. He laughed as he told me that they came and he wrote them down to prove a point, who knows what they mean? It was a joke to show someone how easy it is for me to write. I had no intention of winning so, it’s a waste of time to try and figure out what they mean. I wake up with words in my mind, so I write them down. That’s no big secret.

For me here lie the gifts of my brother Danny. A gifted guitarist auditioned for the punk rock band Limp Bizkit, when he turned 40 just to prove to himself that he could do it. I can’t wait to see what 50 brings! I come from a family of a gifted artists, and creatives!

I love you Danny.
Your big sis’


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