6 thoughts on “my life isn’t perfect, but I’m thankful

    1. Heading to the garden in about 30 minutes . . . yeah. I found pure white cone flowers at the nursery along with white foxglove – – – I can hardly wait to get them worked into the areas of the garden where I have the mauve and purple. I normally do everything from seed but I’m simply too late this year. The other foxglove you saw previously came up from years ago. Raising my cup to you my friend.


      1. There’s nothing like dirt therapy. I found these nifty lights that allow me to garden into the night – Tom’s not thrilled about that idea! I lay out a treated carpet for Miss Priss (my little shih tzu), turn on the slow jazz really low and I dig away while she snoozes. It’s become almost a nightly ritual.
        Have a happy week my friend. I always look forward to viewing your awesome art and sweet sayings. Gentle hugs coming your way.

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