11 thoughts on “sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy

  1. So true. After leaving the people you help behind, you then come home to an empty apartment, without anyone or anything to meet you, no welcoming smile, bark or meow even to meet you at the door. And no one at home when you try to call, just to talk to someone who doesn’t want something from you. Yeah, it’s true alright. It’s very true.


    1. I’ve been away for a while Angel, but checking in today while I get some rest. I have so many new problems now that the old ones feel like nothing at all. If I could still drive I would be on the road taking the back roads wherever they lead me, and chucking it all for good. With all the stuff they are doing around here, I have a group of new “pets”, and unwelcome ones at that. Bedbugs! For about a month now, without knowing what was eating on me, until I caught one and stuck it in a jar, and had it identified by a pest control person. Now I am having to clear out everything made of paper, except for things that are the most meaningful, Just got thru taking dozens of scrapbooks apart so I can scan the photos into my computer and save them. Hope I can keep the pages, even if I have to throw the plastic protectors away. At least I am finding out who my real friends are. Bad way to do that, but I’ll know for sure this way.


  2. I agree with you that lonely people can bring us happiness. It is a fact. But, some disbelieve it. I think It’s not hard to believe it. But, some loneliest are not going to be anymore. We need to have faith in God.


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