STOP signs

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I’m always looking up at the clouds, searching the sky especially at sunrise and sunset. Today I stopped a different kind of STOP sign! The kind when I realize I’ve allowed others actions to control my reactions and this is me saying STOP.

STOP worrying and wasting so much time doing the things I do that get me off task. I also need to STOP and pay more attention so that I don’t overlook the people in life that are supportive, kind and lift me up! I’ve been doing that lately! I’ve been so focused on avoiding someone that I allowed their behavior to change the way I react and if I can’t be myself well then I need to STOP period! This is a huge wake up call for me! I missed a post from a friend and I cannot stand to hurt someone, or overlook anyone or my oversight didn’t make them feel like they aren’t important!

Truly I want to STOP blogging right now! I don’t want to STOP blogging but I do want to STOP allowing others over-sharing and over-stepping of my boundaries to STOP me! I guess my break showed me one thing that this is too much for me right now with my job and my creative project I’m working on! So please if you have posted something for me and I have not responded please let me know I never want to overlook anyone! 😛

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