My daughter’s eyes

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I remember the day I first saw my girl’s eyes, I knew at that moment that I always wanted to see this look in her eyes. With her latest lost of vision, I’m so thankful for every part of her and also for the gift of sight. She said mom you never think about your eyes till you lose your sight. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t easy. I started to not share it but then this is part of who I am a mom and I’m praying and standing in faith for her to see again! Thank you for those of you standing with me.

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I took this photo because I was going to draw her eyes. I have memorized every part of them. It broke my heart the day I witnessed her not see. It scared me. I remember looking away and then she said mummy what? I didn’t want her to see me cry so I sucked it up and I knew for her I would look. I wish I was magic. I do.

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I’m proud of her boldness and her strength to stand toe to toe, eye to eye. She’s fearless, but fearful. I can’t explain it.

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I recently started drawing again, and this is always what comes without thinking….her eyes. I draw them. When I see them in my mind’s eye…I see the photo above!

BB - 1 (4)

I don’t know why I chose to add all of this to this drawing other then I’m just flowing….

BB - 1 (7)

My girl inspires me. So much! So very much! I love her with all my heart!


59 thoughts on “My daughter’s eyes

  1. Me too Bling this is my favorite photo of her! I’m so crazy about her and crazy because of her! LOL That’s how love is it makes you crazy and do crazy things. I’m thankful for it! I love you! ❤


  2. She does have gorgeous eyes. She gets them from her mother. She’s a gorgeous girl with a great deal of courage. So glad you are strong as well.


    1. AWE thank you A. This takes a different kind of strength we didn’t know we had. It’s opened up such a beautiful connection between us! I love that so much! I’m so thankful for it in so many ways! I’m just ready for her to see again! I had a dream last night she woke up seeing so that’s my prayer and hope! 😀

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    1. OH I love it when you send me messages this way! Always for my eyes only! Thank you yes I did call but I will again! I’m off for 5 days so I will try again! Blessings and love to you! I slept till 10 am today! Yay for sleep! ❤

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      1. Oh, yes. I’m awake late, then sleep late– the best way for me. I’ll be sure and save your number when you call again. And YES, YAY for sleep.


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