Happy Birthday Pa

Pa6 (1 of 1)

I’ve been working on restoring this photo of my Pa.
I love this photo of him. I thought since today is his birthday, Jan. 2,
it is a perfect day to share!

Pa 2

My Pa Dan, 1936

Happy Birthday in heaven Pa.

My Auntie sent me this photo below.
The image is not as clear but back then there weren’t a lot of photos
so I cherish these that I have!

Pa5 (1 of 1)

Hard to tell if I did a good job here or not but at least I got rid of the cracked spots.


12 Comments on “Happy Birthday Pa

  1. Ya know, I’ve told you before that I thought your Pa was an exrtremely handsome man and he was! And now that I see that top photo, I can see why. He was an adorable and handsome child as well! 🙂 ❤

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    • Awe yes you sure have thank you Natalie. He was very handsome even up till the end he was a charming man and very funny. My Auntie sent me another photo of him today. It’s so wonderful to see photos of him I’ve never seen before. Thank you so much!

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      • Oh man, what a killer combo Michelle! Handsome, charming, and funny! What more could anyone ask? I have some old photos and I cherish them so much! I’d love to have more of my dad when he was very young. I’m so glad your aunt sent some more and can’t wait to see some on your blog! xoxo


      • OH wow okay! I will share! I loved that my sharing them caused her to send another! I was so touched by it since yesterday was his birthday. He was so young only 73. I know that might not sound young but he was such a get up and go kind of guy. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007 but I truly believe he had it around the age of 65. He survived cancer, 3 strokes and to vein transplants, then the last stroke is what took his life. I was close with his doctor and she said more than likely the last stage of Alzheimer’s was too much so it’s hard to say because he just stopped breathing. But up till the end he loved me to read to him, and he loved his hair brushed and also he was a nut about chap stick. He was Finnish so his skin was dry so he always like moisturizer if you can believe a manly man wanting that. Anyway it was sweet to see him soften with that illness but he fought anytime he got a chance. The sweetest thing was that he was stuck in his mind memory wise about the age of 40, so when I got to his home he always said come on let’s go walk the plant. He was part of starting this huge manufacturing plant in Fort Smith Arkansas back in the 70s so he walked the plant everyday and said hi to everyone. We’d get halfway down the hall and he’s turn around and say, “Where the hell am I going?” I always said to walk the plant. It was bittersweet. His nurses called I’m Captain because he was in the Army Special Forces stationed in Germany and when he finally lost his English he spoke German. My brother and I got a kick out of it because we remembered it well. He had a lot of funny things about him like that! I will post those photos of him. Thank you for encouraging me. I appreciate that a lot Natalie. I wish you had photos of your dad too! I really love seeing old photos! Have a lovely day! xoxo

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      • Wow what a survivor he was! He sounds like such a great guy! My dad died when I was 19 and sadly I never did really get to know him the way you did your dad! Can’t wait to see more photos! ❤️


      • AWE that is so sad Natalie. You will see him in heaven and what a glorious day that will be. I made a pages for my Pa yesterday. Well I already made one but I had it deactivated. Here’s the link https://tellmeaboutit.co/my-dad-dan-pa/
        also 2 poems he wrote for me at the bottom! I believe God is so good that he can bring things to you that remind you of your dad and also that bless your heart so deeply like only God can! That is my prayer for you today! ❤

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      • It will be a glorious day for sure, MM. I’ve missed him so much and for so long! Still can’t talk about without crying! I love the page you’ve done for your Pa! It’s just so very sweet and I’m envious of course! You two shall be together again one day and we’ll both be back in their previous arms! Thanks for sharing your sweet sweet Pa with us! Huge hugs and much love Michelle Marie! 😊❤️❤️❤️


  2. Adorable Michelle. Quite a difference between those first two pics… You do amazing work… but then… I already knew that.


    • AWE yay I’m happy you think so! I wanted to preserve them. Those old photos have seen a lot of stuff! Thank you so much! I sent them back to my Pa’s sister all cleaned up! I hope she likes them! 😀


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