Same flower different view

Same flower different view. I was thinking how we all see things and perceive them through our individual life experience. I applied some filters to this flower, such as life deciphering life through filters of our experience. 

One might see this a dull, the other see this in more detail. It just depends on you.

Perception… It’s an interesting element of life. 

I love an orange filter on my photos. Kind of like seeing the world through rose colored glasses, except mine are orange and happy. My daughter got upset with me because I am always positive and look for the lighter side and I’ll never change. 

I learned something from a dear friend, honoring the journey of another. I glean from her wisdom I can honor Alex’s sadness, fear, not knowing when the next shoe will fall kind of fear… and Really none of us knows what we would do given any situation. Though the filter I see through is orange and happy in my deepest heart  I can still honor Alex’s journey with love and holding her heart and catching her dreams as they fly away, saving them for later when she is ready for them again. Then I can remind her how awesomely blessed she is and how I am for her making me a mom. It’s my greatest joy! 😄

19 thoughts on “Same flower different view

      1. Well Erika the sun is out today. Alex made it through another night. She’s been having seizures so it’s been a little nuts. I didn’t work yesterday but today I’m just resting here watching my dog outside. ❤

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