Orange for Kentucky Angel


Today my sweet Angel friend shared news with me that got my heart all tied. UP! My Alex is experiencing symptoms of MS and we thought she had NMO. Still no diagnosis we await our Mar. 16 appointment at the Mayo Clinic. My heart is so touched by Angie I call her my Angel friend. When I first became friends with her here on WP I had to get her number so I could hear her sweet voice what a precious precious sweet woman. She’s such a dear, beautiful wonderfully talented sweet friend! I love you Angel friend. I’m praying for you and sending love, hugs and all things good to you! Angel friend I wanted to share my orange roses with you! Take them please!

I love you ❤






40 Comments on “Orange for Kentucky Angel

  1. Stopping by to see how you & Alex are doing. I was hoping that she had her appointment already. Soon though.
    Thinking of you both.
    Love And – blessings to Angie for being there for you.

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  2. Oh, MM, I am so sad for you and BB. I love your orange roses, your big heart and that you a Kentucky Angel to hold your heart steady. I spent Saturday night in the ER with my middle, and I don’t know how you manage all those roller coaster rides. I don’t know. I’m a mess, and it was my first ER visit in a year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news somewhere down the line. And a new phone for BB. XOXO

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  3. MS would be quite scary though, wouldn’t it? Is that standing for multiple sclerosis? Praying for you and Alex, it is wonderful you are able to keep so positive! Xx


  4. I know it’s a little over two weeks away, but that will be gone in no time.

    Sounds like Angie is a wonderful woman. No wonder you found each other.


  5. Oh ditto, ditto, ditto. she is the sweetest thing and I hate that she has this and Restless Leg Syndrome like I have. I hate that your daughter is having health issues too. I’m keeping both of them in my prayers. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful kinds for Angie. I know that she absolutely loved it. 🙂 ❤


  6. Oh, Pink Angel friend, I love these. They will be seen on my blog all month, you know they will. I love roses, and I love orange, and on this sunny day I love life. I’ve been telling my kids, finally, about the new symptoms and the new diagnosis, but not sure about the reactions. So hard to tell about that over the phone.
    Praying for Alex and you. Hang in there, this is hard to diagnose, but just keep up that chin and the determination to beat whatever comes around. And thank you for asking Paul to send me flowers. I really do love his flowers. I also love the 3 Romanian flowers my daughter brought home with her, now all grown up. My 3 beautiful grandkids.
    I love you Pink/Purple Angel friend. Angie


    • AWE well you really got me with that. I was afraid for you Angie. I can’t imagine it getting worse then what you have shared. It scares me for Alex and those that suffer with illness. I was thinking that it makes me dig deeper into my faith. I get more silent and pray more! So hard to know what to do. Tonight Alex said mom stop being positive stop being happy! Well I think she takes it wrongly. I will always look for the light in life even if it a flicker. Until the last breath I never give up on someone I love. My Pa was that way. He fought to stay alive and I helped him. As long as we have breath there is hope. I believe that. I’m praying for a miracle, hoping for and believing for many many many years of life and happiness.
      I love that your grandkids are from Romania! That is precious! I love you too Orange Angel friend! Let me know when I can call you on the phone and I will. Sweet dreams! ❤

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      • You can call me any time you want sweetie. Most nights I’m up til midnight, some–like tonight, I’ll be up almost all night. I slept in this morning–yesterday morning, so now I’m paying for that, but since I don’t have to be anyplace at any time unless I want to be there, it doesn’t matter. The beauty/bane of retirement.
        Alex will eventually do as we all have to do–make the decision whether to spend her life being angry and depressed or laugh at the absurdity of the situation and look for the fun side of life again. There is something funny in everything when you stop and look at it from all sides. It will have to be her decision though, made in her time. And that will be the hardest for you, because we moms never get over the labor pains. My baby was 48 yesterday–his 12th actual birthday. Too old to appreciate it now, too young when he was a kid. And too much like me to be acknowledged by his dad, even though he’s the one who looks like his dad. Totally off subject there. Must be time for bed. Have a wonderful night. I love you Pink/Purple Angel.

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      • Awe it’s okay to go off subject. I feel that those who overlook and avoid one who suffers that they don’t know what to do or say. It’s hurtful when no effort is made at all. That’s how my family was with Alex. I was always alone taking care of her. But something so deep grew between us she truly knows I will always be there for her. Like you 12 yr old 48 yr old. I know he feels that way about you. I hope he had a beautiful day. I worked late today and just settled down and it’s time for bed so I send a prayer you way for sweet sleep and beautiful dreams. I Iove you Angel friend. 💜❤️💗💕💟💙💚💛💝💖💓💘


      • Oh no, Mikey’s the one I KNOW really cares. He’s always here if I call him, but he has a 13 year old still at home, and I hate to pull him away from his family. He broke thru that wall that has been there for generations between parents and kids and shows how much he really wants to be there for his kids when they have something going on. HE alone has been there for them, and always come when I call for help. Mr. Dependable, but now he needs his time also. And yet I’ll still call him in a heartbeat if I need help with anything at all. I could write a book about his talent with fixing things, child raising, home repair–everything. I could write a book about each of them, and the three completely different personalities that fought like wildcats–or the black panther that was shot in this area a couple centuries ago. Since my kids never read anything I write though, those are books that won’t be written, because they would be strictly for the kids who don’t care enough to read them. Time for my morning nap I think. Have a god day Sweet Pink Angel friend. Love, Hugs, Prayers, Angie


  7. Bling she has MS. I talked to her about BB. Such a scary disease. I had to do something for her. Such a small thing Bling! I hate disease. it makes me angry. Sorry for saying hate but I don’t like it at all. It’s so rough on loved ones and the poor sweet people that suffer. Gosh! I’m sitting here crying I’m so angry . My emotions are a mess Bling I’m so happy you came here so I could share! I love you Bling! So much!


    • OH Paul I’m so worried about her! I’ve been talking to her about Alex, she has MS and many of the symptoms Alex has are the same! She just shared news with me that scared me for her so I’m just not knowing what to do. Will you please go to her blog and give her some flowers? I know that she loves your flowers! ❤


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