44 thoughts on “Good Morning sweet friends

  1. Thanks ,Michelle-Marie,
    I have read Rory’s story about his wife Joey. It is poignant. We admire the courage and faith.of both of them .
    I comment here because I did not fond the comment bow at the following posts.
    Love ❤

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    1. Oh Hi Michel,
      I turned off the comments to honor them. I didn’t want any of that to be about me but to honor them and their journey. I admire their courage and faith too! Thank you for commenting. So beautiful ❤ Love to you! Michelle


  2. very very interesting

    Taelynn Davis

    On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 7:16 AM, Show An~Tell Me About It! wrote:

    > MichelleMarie posted: ” Good Morning sweet friends…Have a lovely day > with stars, rainbows, sunshine and abundant Love! ~❤” >


      1. Awe let’s do it makes me smile when I see your face. 😄 {{{HUGS}}} 💕 Do you feel hugged now? 😂 I hope you can see these little emoji things my daughter & I use them. She’s so funny! 🙃

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      2. It’s all about the little things to me in life….they make me happy let me show you my girl always uses this one 😂 she thinks she’s really funny and I love that she does that. I really wish there was an orange heart. 🍊 😄🍩here’s a chocolate donut no calories. Have two! 🍩🍩 that made me laugh. 😂

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      3. I might…..Not much to tell…A week in silence…going about your daily chores…or whatever… 😉
        Didn’t get all the emojis. Smiling…..YES!! You are delightful…. 😇😇💕

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      4. I’m a fan of silence as well. There is much to be discovered about oneself I think. Not to mention the brain break. 😜 I think I’m ready for silence. You know I always learn so much that way.

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      5. That is true. Some days I go without speaking. I like those days in my quiet creative space. It is refreshing. I tried that today someone burst into my quiet place @7 am. 😜😂 now I’m silent again. Except for this….👋🏽🎧🎼 music 🎨✍🏼art 😜🍩☕coffee ️😂💟

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      6. Thank you…..Much appreciated…….Taken them all in…..Sending you blessings…..for today and every day….Hugs….💓💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💕💕💕

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