This is for you Belinda


B when you took a breaks from WP, I felt to protect you and I hide all the posts I made for you! Today I was trying to unhide them and I posted all my crazy stuff, hence my Faux pas! So I was thinking I’ll just fess up and let you know you have your own tag..Belinda, people like to read about my sweet friend B, the sweetest spirit of love, who has shown me it’s okay to be sweet and express it. 

If you click Belinda it all all the posts I made for you will come up….but wait there’s more I have art for you! 

Belinda my friend of romance… of which I know nothing. But…I’ve learned a lot from you!
WINK, GRIN, PLEASE LOOK IN THE MIRROR sweet friend, I’m mirroring back what you have shared with me for the years we’ve been  blogging together.

Searching for Belinda

P.S. I hope this works my blonde brain has been working all day thinking how to do this and then all the other voices in my head said SHUT UP BLONDIE. Bahaha I got that from you!



12 thoughts on “This is for you Belinda

    1. Oh yay thank you that was my intention when I crated it. I think Belinda will write a poem for it today. Sometimes I don’t get words just images in my head then I create them and they wait for someone to come along who has words. I have tons of wordless art waiting for words and then maybe they are wordless. B’s usually have words though. She loves romance and I feel the romance just don’t have words. It’s fun to watch her l. Hugs to you too! 🎈🎈

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  1. I am smiling at you! The imagery in this photo is so lovely. I am equally grinning about a personalized tag. I feel too special. You are adorable and I am blessed. There’s a story in this artwork just waiting to be voiced methinks. Bahaha


    1. Me too! I didn’t have words for it I thought you might! Bahaha I love when you say that! I just wanted you to know how much I love you and I’m thankful for our friendship! xoxo Oh and I’m smiling back! I forgot to add that! I love it when you say that! I feel like I did something really good when you say that! xoxo

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      1. You are too sweet!! I was just looking through some of the artwork over time, my gosh three years has flown!!! I have got to look at that artwork again. It flooded me with stirrings.


      2. OH yay! It’s all for you! If you can’t download it then I can send it to you! But you should be able to right click and then click “SAVE Image as” jpg to your computer! I’ll make sure they are all unlocked for you! I had them safely tucked away! ❤ I can't wait to see what you write!

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      3. I will right click and see how complicated I can make things so I can ask for your help to figure it all out, lol. These are awesome and so are you! It’s going to be fun writing a little romance.


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