I miss my friend Belinda

I’ve made some wonderful friends on WP one of my long time friends Belinda @busymindthinking

We used to meet here on the weekends and post, text and laugh together. I miss that. WP has changed it’s not the same for me anymore. Friends come and go but my heart never stops loving those who left! Never, I miss my friend! ~ღ~

To Michelle~Love Belinda~To Belinda


To Michelle~Love Belinda~To Belinda

B my heart misses you so much and I saw this card on desk and this stood out to me for some reason and I picked it up and read it and suddenly my heart wanted to tell you how much it misses you. Those “Happy Tears” you speak of flow now as I type. Thank you for sending them those Happy Healing Tears. I love you!
Thank you for all the gifts you bring into my life. I’m sending this back to you with Love and Happy Healing Tears that flow! You said once, “when hearts are connected they never forget the love”. I believe that B. We are evidence of that. 3 years and I’m thankful for you.

I love you,

P.S. I’m listening to this song called Handiwork of God.




Love’s story untold…waiting for Belinda…Tidal wave


Love washes over us like tidal waves


Contradictory in explanation

It makes sense


Terrifying – yet exhilarating

Pleasurable – yet painful


There is confusion in the spoken word

There is clarity in body language


Speak to me in tidal waves

That I understand the power and intensity of emotion

Love’s story untold…waiting for Belinda to tell the story! ❤ I think this might be my romantic side showing. Yep it is!

Art for Belinda~She waits no more…poem by Belinda


She waits…

Seated on a bench…

For the one that inspires

The music of her soul


Violin seeking her caress

Strings taut with tension

Emotional outpour impending

If only she would play


But she’s lost in thought

Pondering the meaning in roses and thorns

Love and pain synonymous

How can that be


A gentle breeze carries a familiar scent awakening her senses

Bringing into focus the beauty of the delicate petals

And the reminder that no instrument is to be left untouched

She waits…no more

These beautiful words from my friend Belinda!

Here you go B this just came out! I have no idea what story she has to tell but I know you will.


This is for you Belinda


B when you took a breaks from WP, I felt to protect you and I hide all the posts I made for you! Today I was trying to unhide them and I posted all my crazy stuff, hence my Faux pas! So I was thinking I’ll just fess up and let you know you have your own tag..Belinda, people like to read about my sweet friend B, the sweetest spirit of love, who has shown me it’s okay to be sweet and express it. 

If you click Belinda it all all the posts I made for you will come up….but wait there’s more I have art for you! 

Belinda my friend of romance… of which I know nothing. But…I’ve learned a lot from you!
WINK, GRIN, PLEASE LOOK IN THE MIRROR sweet friend, I’m mirroring back what you have shared with me for the years we’ve been  blogging together.

Searching for Belinda @busymindthinking.com

P.S. I hope this works my blonde brain has been working all day thinking how to do this and then all the other voices in my head said SHUT UP BLONDIE. Bahaha I got that from you!