This is why I got up


This is why I got up and went outside. I saw the evening sunlight and the way it danced on your petals and I had to get a closer look. Even though my back was hurting I shuffled inside to get my camera so I could see it closer. It’s even more beautiful up close. I love the way the light dances on these flowers. I think they call my name.


I hope you can see it too. This is what draws me is the light and the way it shines through the flower petals and the shadows seem to hide little secrets. I love that about flowers and the light. It’s like a dance.


40 thoughts on “This is why I got up

  1. I love the clematis. I had the most beautiful pink one as an indoor container plant, but it was killed in an unfortunate accidental misfortune last week during a disagreement between a pest control person and me. She won and my clematis died, and she had to admit later that I was right after all, but in the meantime….
    At least I have my cactus garden still living and thriving. And for the moment I am still living and thriving. I also treated myself to a chocolate mint plant as a consolation prize for losing the battle of the clematis. Love you Pink Angel friend. Feel better.


    • OH wow I didn’t know you could grow them inside. I’m sorry it died. I’m so happy that spring is here that’s for sure! I’m always happy for cactus they are hearty here too! Plants have to be maintenance free to make it around me! LOL Thank you for the compliment but I really didn’t do a thing except prune it! Love you to! I love you too! ❀


    • Thank you! They smell sweet. I could not stop smelling them. Even my dog Angel went over and sniffed them. So funny! I was just happy to be standing upright! I’ve been laying flat for 2 weeks. My doctor said if I did my back would heal faster. I’m a good patient! ❀ πŸ˜‰


      • You’re welcome! You have a keen eye for sunrise/sunset/flowers y’know? ☺️ I would be the same, probably wouldn’t take my nose away from the petals. πŸ˜‚ healing does take a lot of patience, I’m learning. But I’m glad Jesus sits with me through it πŸ˜‰ ❀️


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