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    • AWE HI there to you! I miss you too! My girl has been really ill and also I’m broke my L3 vertebra. Waiting to heal. Seems like it’s taking forever! I hope all is well with you! ❤

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      • Awww.. I pray for your girl’s recovery. I missed you too MM 🙂 It’s been a while since I last wrote a poem. Everything’s well okay with my life 🙂 There are ups and downs but I enjoy the ride though 🙂 I missed you so much!! 🙂


      • Awe I love that it feels good to be missed. Makes it all worth it for me. It’s hard to know should I keep going and blogging. Then I read this sweet comment and yes is my answer. Blessings hugs and love to you. ❤️💕💟

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  1. HI!!! What a lovely surprise to see your beautiful face from liking “Waiting on a friend” and we must have telepathy because I was just thinking about you and realizing how much I’ve missed you. I’m currently in a pickle because I moved surprisinglives to self-hosting and everything went gone wrong. Google even sent me a warning email! lol Love the artwork on this post. How appropriate…Dreams and Things, cool. 🙂 Oh. yeah my gmail got shut down too. hahaha Never ending eh? Hope you’re good. ❤


    • I almost hate to tell you this such a sweet message to receive but I broke my L3 vertebrae when Alex fell and I tried to catch her. I’m on week 4 and it hurts constantly without pain pills so I’m trying to work some and then help take care of Alex which I’m out of that really since I can’t lift her. She waiting doctors orders for IVIG infusions. Lovely wait for sure! We’ve been dealing with something everyday since Nov. 7 over last year. I’m ready for a break. Yay for hosting your own blog that is quite a huge job I think! How odd that you got messed up for you. I hope things get straightened out soon! Sending love your way! ❤

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      • Sweet Michelle, I just can’t believe the dark clouds that have come into your life since last Fall! I am so impressed and admire beyond words your continued optimism, strength and love.
        I don’t want to keep going here. For now. Sending love, and all good things back. ❤


      • Thank you Amanda. I usually grow silent when I struggle and I am. I try to always look for the light even when there is just a speck. Alex is in a wheel chair now it’s so sad to watch her suffer. I can’t help her because my broken vertebrae not to mention she feels guilty because I was trying to lift her when it happened. Thank you for saying what you did it encourages me. I was going to stop blogging because it’s hard to sit up and type. Or lay down and type with on finger. Just 5 more weeks and I can take this back brace off. Thank God. Have a wonderful day. We’ll have to catch up soon. ❤️💕💟love yo you

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