Grace takes Love~Grace gives Love

Grace takes Love

Grace gives Love

Grace takes 

so many shapes

Who can know

Is this Grace?

You and I

Oh, yes I think so! 

Thank you Grace

Sweet Grace

16 thoughts on “Grace takes Love~Grace gives Love

  1. It has been WAY too long since my last visit “M” but when I do I feel renewed and inspired by reading and viewing all your talent, XO I have been swamped with recovery & new authors. Not sure if knew about my another WP Book Promotion blog. Stop some by anytime for a good book.

    Author and Columnist, Catherine Lyon 🙂


      1. My pleasure Michelle! Sometimes we get so darn busy that we need to stop and go visit our WP friends and take a break …
        LOL. Have a great week, 🙂 *Cat*


    1. Hi Paul thank you for saying so. I’m seriously considering not blogging anymore. It’s nice to be encouraged. Thank you for always being here for me and for being so supportive.


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