A new day has come full of new promises and possibilities

A new day has come full of new promises and possibilities. That makes me smile!πŸ˜„


57 thoughts on “A new day has come full of new promises and possibilities

  1. I love this Pink Angel friend. My days are filled with new promises also. I’m doing something right lately because it seems as if my health is improving! Can’t really say I’ve beat the cancer, but I’ve made it less annoying for now. Love you girl. ❀ ❀ ❀

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    • Wow that is wonderful. I’m so happy to know you are feeling better and something I’ve been tiring to do is shutting my eyes and breathing deeply. Sometimes I fall asleep which is surprising for me. I wanted to share something with you. My friend Laurie has these wonderful little prayers and I was thinking you might find them healing and peaceful. lauriesnotes.com that is her website address. If you like them let me know and I can send you her books. I was just thinking you would love them. Wait let me put her link here for you.


      • I love the blog and am now following her. Thank you so much for the link, because I sure didn’t know about this one before. I’ve gone back and read several of the posts, and love the prayers, and would love to have the books. They are indeed healing and peace filling.
        My plants are also giving me peace–just caring for them, watching them grow and knowing that in some way I have helped nurture them to this point. It seems more magical here in my windows than ever before in the gardens I had on the farm.
        I fall asleep more often also, surprising but welcome. Life is becoming more dreamlike, still fun and funny, but peaceful and quieter now. I could almost be a contemplative nun lately, except for some of the things that still happen when I’m not watching my mouth or my actions. Each day is a new adventure, and one day at a time is my mantra.
        Love you Pink Angel friend.


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