TODAY I am moving Forward not looking back

TODAY: I am moving Forward not looking back. I was thinking how easy it is to look back and allow what has happened in our lives to define the future. I’m expecting something good in fact I’m looking for it. I encourage you to do the same. 

31 thoughts on “TODAY I am moving Forward not looking back

      1. Everything will be okay. The fact that you are still alive means that you have beaten every challenge that has come your way so far. It may not have been in the best way, but you have still beaten it. And today you have broken the record for the most consecutive days you have been alive 😉


  1. We are still kindred spirits Angel friend, because I’ve let go of the past forever, and I’m moving ahead without any of the old baggage dragging me down any more. God has been so good to me it is beyond belief, and yet I BELIEVE. Love ya!

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    1. Me too and I’ve been working or surrendering to this myself. Mostly surrendering to healing this back. It was a fight when the pain was unbearable but now that I’m not in constant pain the little reprieves make me think I can do more so I tried to vacuum yesterday. Wrong idea. I’m on week 6 and I’m restless resting maybe by my 19th week I’ll get the hang of resting. Lol ❤️💕❌⭕️thank you Nagrl friend for your beautiful encouragement!


      1. I’m laughing now, because if you ever get the hang of resting, please let me know the secret. It takes a special talent or patience, or something I haven’t learned yet, and I’ve been trying a lot longer than 6 weeks, so please share when you learn that secret. Each time I swear I’ll stop burning my candle at both ends I still light a fire in the middle also, so I’ve stopped saying that and just keep on until I collapse in my nest from exhaustion and then have to push on because somebody wants the last ounce of energy I possess to do something for them. Now I’m trying to learn how to say “NO” in a way that sounds like I mean it. You are a strong person, and have years to go and a reason to fight on (Alex), so that makes it much easier for you to motivate yourself now.
        Yawning again, so it must be nap time. 3 a.m. and I woke at 1:30 a.m., so that sounds about right. Hang in there Pretty Lady. Love ya!


    1. Always going forward I try to not ever look back. I thought my girl might like it. I’m trying to share encouraging art and things with her. She’s started drawing again and little art projects to pass the time so we will see why comes of it all! TGIF 2 you


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