Playmates in Pink

Pink friends πŸ’•πŸ’• from JM πŸ’•πŸ’•

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

formichelle for Michelle Marie and all of our Pink friends

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38 thoughts on “Playmates in Pink

    • Hello this is from my friend Jeanne Marie. We have a site together called thinkingpinkx2 it’s a fun site. Thank you for all the your sweet comments. I know that she will love them. Thank you Sweet Sherrie. Have a beautiful day! ❀ xoxo


      • Girl do you have Fibermyalgia? My daughter Alex was just diagnosed with this. We’ve been through all the other doctors and found one that actually trained the Mayo doctors. I hope that you are okay. Have you tried Lyrica? That is what Alex is taking for the nerve pain. I’m so sorry you are suffering with pain. It’s the most maddening thing. Also I know you have little ones. You are so brave. I can’t imagine I pray God brings peace to your body and healing! ❀ Have a beautiful weekend!

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      • Oh, no, I don’t have anything like that.
        It is just lately that I have few personal problems that get really get to me psychologically and the whole thing burdens me to the very core of both of my mind and body …

        I had the most difficult struggle of all for quite sometimes and it has effected my health severely.

        But I have always been the fighter and the survivor. I will manage this, somehow. I just have to hold on to my faith that I can and strong enough to fight, and to face trials of life.

        I wish you too, a brave journey and fast recovery for your girl Alex. No mother in this world would want their children to suffer – we wish we could take away their pain, but we are here to give them much love and supports in so many ways to make sure they too, are strong enough to heal themselves and to stand up on their two feet again.



      • I went to PT today and that seemed to help a lot. Now I have to master sitting in a chair. So funny I had to get over the fear of the pain. I can stand up better then sit but she said that I can strengthen the back so I can. I didn’t know all of this. I think the guy was a little magic. LOL

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      • The fear of the pain is a problem that’s hard to shake. I can sit, but I have to get up often to walk around. And I have to be semi reclined most of the time with a laptop. I can’t sit for hours anymore. Not without agony anyway.


      • Wow I was able to sit so that was a good thing. I am going for an MRI Tuesday because my doctor said he wanted to see if I had a ruptured disk, be cause I still have so much pain! I hope not. I have been doing the exercises they give you to do. I want to get better darn it. I get restless laying here. I walked without my brace today a little so that was nice. That thing squeezes me so tight. I’m happy to know someone that has been trough this before. My PT told me 2 stories so I would feel better.

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      • I thought you said you broke a vertebrae. Perhaps he wants to check if it’s healing properly. I recovered by sitting as little as possible for a year. Cutting back on driving. Getting a zero gravity recliner and a ton of pillows so I am always supported. And arnica gel at least twice a day. If I skipped a day, my pain increased. You’ll get there, you will!


      • I did. I was wondering can you do both. That was strange that he wanted to do an MRI at this point. I love that pillow idea. I have a ton of pillows too. I hate that still you have to do this. I love that cream I’ve been using it too! Interesting how that words so well. I’m definitely learning how to rest! LOL I am smiling about that now! πŸ˜€ I start out my day okay because I haven’t done anything yet once I get up I”m usually okay till about 10:3o when the pain pill wears off I can’t wait for the day when it lasts all day! The relief I mean! I’m trying to get up the energy to get up! I had to let the dog out and saw the most beautiful dawn this morning it was red! I really loved that. One thing about laying around is I’m eating more and that’s not good for my clothes situation! Ice cream seems to make me feel better! LOL xoxo

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      • OMG yes. So i’m just standing here at my desk, I have a stand up desk because I work long hours sitting, and this sharp pain shot through where my injury is. Takes my breath away. Someone suggested getting one of those foam pads. But today’s MRI maybe will tell us why these crazy things are happening. I’m just don’t do injured well at all! You are right backs won’t be pushed. Hey the PT guy acted like I was being weak or something and told me of a young girl that broke 3 vertebras. I wanted to say yes and I’m 51 not 15. LOL πŸ˜›

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      • Most of those PT people are young, healthy and have NO IDEA how much pain these injuries can cause. You try doing a desk job 60 hours a week for years and still be able to climb Mt Everest over the weekend. Yeah, sure!


      • Oh okay! I guess I don’t really understand the back entirely. I had pain in my stomach so badly that it made me throw up and the doctor said the stomach nerve was there. Which one did you rupture? I remember how you did it and I was thinking about how scary that must have been for you. All I remember was Alex and I laying on the floor and her yelling I broke my mom. Yikes.

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      • I ruptured one in my lower back. Around T4 or thereabouts. It dislocated the sciatic nerve to my left leg. My left foot and leg went numb after months of screaming pain. I got some sensation back after the surgery, and some is coming back at the rate of about a half inch a year. Or less. At least I have hopes of getting it back entirely. I sneeze really loudly now. No holding those babies back like my stepmother told me to do.

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      • OH wow yes no holding those babies. Maybe sitting and holding! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you are getting feeling back. Wow. Not easy this pain.
        Our facilities manager just brought over one of those spongey mats for me to stand on. Wow I can’t believe how much better if feels. Wow now I just need better shoes. I think I need to go for comfort and forget what it looks like! πŸ˜›

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