12 thoughts on “Unspoken prayers of hope

  1. That’s beautiful M. And yes, every day is another day of hope. Each morning we hope the day will be better than the last. We hope we are fitter than the last. We hope our friends are healthier, we hope for a great many things, and some of those hopes come through.


    1. Oh yes A. You are right. Alex isn’t doing well. It’s too much to share so I’ll just leave it as an unspoken prayer. Thank you A for always being so kind and such a good friend! ❤ I appreciate you more than you know. It's nice to have an old friend here. Old as in long time friendship. 🙂 ❤

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      1. I’m getting old anyway. I hit 50 next year lol. I know I don’t get here as often as I like, but you and Alex are never far from my thoughts.


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