Amazing Grace & the Ice Queen


Once I knew this queen
and you’d think she’s
kinda mean
that was until I broke
her icy shell

See I snuck into her space
and I swear, no not in haste
see I wanted to know what
made her cold as ice

I stood there ever still
and I waited just until
I heard the awful sob
come from her face

I know there’s no disgrace
and I thought that it was hate
but oh this I heard
come from her very shell

Once there was a man
and she’d given him her hand
and she thought that he
was her sweet dear prince

but oh she was mistaken
for it was for all the takin’
that her cries were but
a piercing scream of hate

Now I see this icy queen
and I think she’s not so mean
and I asked her, can I sit with
you a while….

She turned at me and smiled
and her ice did melt
and the shine
upon her face the sun
I too did see
and I really do believe
I heard her sing
so softly

Amazing Grace!

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