We pray

We pray. 

I pray for you. 

I pray for me. 

I pray for us all. 

Let us be gentle and kind! 💜

29 Comments on “We pray

  1. 👼🙏 Yes and Amen, MichelleMarie! We will all overcome! Keep on shining, my lioness sister! I thank you and I love you and I pray showers of heavenly blessings your way! 🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜 Leon


    • AWE thank you. Amen. We will. I was listening to that song you shared “It is Well” this morning I listen to it a lot and added it to my playlist. It seems to get me through the rough times where I’m tempted to fix or jump in and try to make something better for someone I love. I have to remember that only God can change hearts. Even in sickness, “It is well” underneath, our friend Laurie taught me that. So happy for her and happy for you showing up. It’s so nice! I think your heavenly blessings arrived and I feel so blessed. Sending love and blessings back to you! ღ MichelleMarie or just Michelle ღ

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      • And I love you also so much for sometimes suffering for those you love! POOF go all our struggles as we gradually remember together! Yes, Laurie is a treasure and a miracle, as are you. Thank you for this glorious warmth in my chest, Michelle, for the waves of God’s healing I have been receiving through you 💞 Leon

        We go from glory to glory to glory…

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      • Oh I love this video. I’m listening while I type. Last night I took Alex to the ER, she’s prone to pneumonia and almost died in 2012 from it, but by a miracle she got well. So she always has that fear it’s back. She was worried about my back and I have to admit it was quite painful but I prayed my way through it and stayed silent. My prayer was God shut my mouth please don’t let me lose patience, she needs me to be here no matter what so I was. So thankful for friends that hold space as we terry for another. Yes you are right my struggles seemed to be covered by grace! I can’t explain it other than another little miracle. Not little to me ever. I love this song. It’s perfect because we go from glory to glory. I am reminded when Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple and the Seraphim surrounded called out Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is filled with his Glory. I believe each time they said this a new revelation of his Holiest and glory came to them which caused them to shout again Holy Holy Holy~I believe we are like this when we know that we know God’s glory is resting upon us to do something that in the natural is impossible but I believe we serve a God of the impossible! I love that so much! Thank you for sharing this! I love it and you! Be blessed today! 💞Michelle

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      • We ARE like this, yes Michelle, beautiful carrier of Michael’s name to whom I pray every day to be instilling Archangelic Courage in every soul God blesses us with, and to be soothing my own back pain every night I fall asleep as a tiny little thing, sometimes glowing sometimes broken always grateful in his huuuge palms and with his divine wings around me. We ARE like this and there is nothing impossible when we work devotedly life-affirmingly, knowing that heaven needs our help here. God shut my mouth please and let me be your humble instrument. I know, my sweet friend. Infused with my most loving healing prayers for you and Alex: [No Longer Slaves] 💞 Leon

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      • Oh wow I love this one! Wow yes no longer a slave to fear! I was thinking while I listened that I can say that one is for sure worked inside my heart! I’m fearless.
        You reminded me of the verse that says God has us firmly in his mighty right hand. I love that. So beautiful this song! I love the when the truth comes bubbling up from my soul! Jenn has an amazing voice I love it! My favorite was the end! I love the part! I am a child of God. Yes we are! So thankful to share this planet with you! Much love to you! 💞 Michelle

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      • Michelle, if you just come outside for a minute… See that second Sun up there in the sky? OK, that’s my Soul, Dearest! My Soul celebrating Yours, celebrating our connection, our shared passion and mission and our allowing God’s healing power to flow through us and work miracles beyond time and space. I love you! From immortal light to immortal light, I Love You! So much ineffable gratitude… 🙏💞🙏 Leon

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      • Awe thank you and I love you too! I know we so need healing in our bodies, mind and soul, relationships missions in life detoured. It was my prayer in the year 2000 that I could be found in Him that’s when I started my Love walk with God. I was praying one day and inside my heart I found the words “seek my face not my hand.” The song you sent yesterday I listened to over and over and then I found this song Find me by Jenn

        Amen Amen I can say I am found in him. I didn’t realize till yesterday that my life and Alex’s existence still on this earth is all because of God’s grace. I loved the lyrics to No longer slaves it’s like a life song to my heart. I love your music shares. I shared them with my mom and Alex. They loved them too thank you for passing the love on. Yesterday we took Alex to her hematologist and he said Alex’s heart has weakened and she had arterial fibrillation along with an already known blood disease called Factor 5 Leiden and she’s blind in that right eye still. More diseases than I can name and then this morning I was outside paying and singing this song and I stopped myself and said oh God yes yes I am found in you and I am your child please heal mine. Amen Amen Amen my friend. 💞💝Michelle

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      • So, Alex, here’s the thing, precious girl. If a friend of your mom’s from halfway around the globe prays hands-on-chest for you without ever having heard about your beloved heart and blood conditions until now, if this friend is divinely guided to cup with both hands his right eye and ask for your healing, days before he actually reads here “she’s blind in that right eye still”, then Heaven wants you to know just how deeply loved you are by so many human and angelic souls, and that miracles of the Almighty is all we are!
        Merry Christmas to you and showers of blessings on your path always,
        🌟💙🌟💚🌟💜🌟 👼💞👼 Leon

        Take courage, Alex our Heart:

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      • Thank you for this Leon. Alex doesn’t read my blog except occasionally so I sent your comment to her. She will find great courage in this I know. She’s not been doing well the last few days. She’s tired and sad but the meds they have her on are calming so I know that much of her sadness comes from this last year of sickness. I love what you said every word. I receive knowing that God moves others to pray for each other when we have lost our words and don’t know what to pray. Thank you for following your spirit I appreciate that more than you know. Have a richly blessed day.
        Where, may I ask, on this beautiful planet, do you call home? I think that’s amazing that here in Oklahoma we have friends around the world moved to pray on her behalf. God is good. All the time. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 💝💗💕

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      • Wow you are always on target with the songs my friend! Love this a lot! ❤

        Want to share this song with you. In over my head…I will not be shaken. I was thinking how our life is shaking but I will not be moved. I’m staying this course!

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      • You are so very welcome, dearest Michelle. My choices come naturally to me thanks to my feeling your soul.
        We live in the wider area of Thessaloniki, Greece; in the photo I published today, Thessaloniki is seen across the Thermaikos Gulf.
        You are all in my heart and God is always with us. Love and hugs 💛💙💚💜💖 Leon


      • I love Greece. I’ve never been to Greece. Wow actually now that I think of it Greece village photos have always been my favorite with the blue rooted. It’s a magical land where you live. I love that you are sensitive like you are always. You are in my heart as always I wait for what is next. 💕💗💗💘💘💝💟💝💝❤️⛄️

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    • Hi hi I wanted to share a song my mom told me about it’s by jenn I added it to my worship playlist. Happy New Year my friend much love to us all and to you because I feel you need it. Just going out on a limb here and saying I’ve been praying for you and Plutonia. I love that He already knows what we need before we ask. I trust in him for that always because He’s a Good Good Father! 🙏🏼💕

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      • Hi Michelle sweetness. Happy New Year to you and your family! No wild guess on your part; we have been struggling. And praying back for you. Thank you so much for your faith, beloved friend. We stand unshaken together because our Good Good Father blesses us all! Always! So good to feel this and be sparks of His power for each other.

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      • Oh I wish sometimes it wasn’t so but I can feel sometimes when others struggle but I might not know what. I trust that God always does and mine is to only be lead to share whatever comes. Yesterday Laurie shared this with me….”The joke is happiness is there within you all the time watching the whole drama play out.–Lisa Cairns.” I know that is the case for sure…I seem to have my share of outward drama but inside my heart I am not shaken at all. I keep retreating inside my heart just to double check and make sure. So thankful for friends like you that share this love of God and the deeper things. I made a playlist of the songs you shared and added a few. I listen every morning to It is well. I love that song. Let’s have a blessed! So thankful to God…ღ♡ღ

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      • Oh yes, I feel very deeply what you mean, Michelle. As long as we have firmly found the discernment to not get sucked into destructive-sneakily-morphing-into-self-destructive drama, we know it is a God-given gift that we have, this empathy, a tremendously healing one for all involved. God bless you Dearest! Sky-high grateful for us all remembering together how to help replenish everyone from our higher selves, where our Love is always pristine clean.
        ♩♪♬♫ “Oh wave after wave… wave after wave… I’m lost in Your Grace…”


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